Kicker Ticket Drawing

Kicker Ticket Drawing

Item# CB-draw

Product Description

This sheet of tickets provides the purchaser with 25 chances to win a pack of 20 Kicker Tickets. There will be five Kicker Ticket Drawings, one at each of the following times on February 29, 2020: 4:30 PM, 4:45 PM, 5:00 PM, 5:15 PM and 5:30 PM. If a winning number is drawn that is found within one of these packs before a pack is awarded, then the winner of the pack will also receive the prize money for that winning number. For example, number 2151 is drawn during the 5:05 PM drawing. That number is found within one of the Kicker Ticket Packs being raffled. Once that Kicker Ticket Pack containing 2151 has been awarded, the winner can go to the Payout Table and claim the prize money for the 5:05 PM drawing, as well.

A bonus drawing for those purchasing Kicker Drawing Tickets will be held once at least 250 sheets have been sold. Prize amount will be based on the total number of sheets sold.

250 Sheets Sold = $500 Bonus Drawing

500 Sheets Sold = $1,000 Bonus Drawing

750 Sheets Sold = $1,500 Bonus Drawing

1,000 Sheets Sold = $2,000 Bonus Drawing

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